Bunkers Made Right!

By Spartan Survival Systems, Inc

We may not be the only bunker builder around, but we stand apart from all the rest with our real-world training and experience in emergency preparedness, unlike the rest. We not only have the knowledge to properly design a safe bunker, but we can help you learn how to get the best use and protection from your bunker. When you choose USA Bunker Company, you are not only getting a quality-built bunker, but you get our whole team of experts for life to help you with any questions on emergency preparedness. Don't get tricked into buying from the average company before you consult with us!


USA Bunker Company was founded by two U.S. military veterans to design and build underground bunkers and saferooms that provide the best protection possible in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. Tapping into extensive experience in overseas combat and law enforcement as well as welding and fabrication, our team goes beyond designing and building your bunker, providing detailed guidance on set up, stocking, and use to help ensure your family’s survival.

We provide both standard and fully customized designs and complete installation for underground bunkers, saferooms, security features for buildings, and off-grid property. Contact our team today. We have seen what disasters can do to communities and we take emergency preparedness – and your privacy – seriously.

Round Bomb Shelters

Our Blast rated round bomb shelters are made of round corrugated steel pipe and converted into a quality living space to protect you from extreme conditions caused by a nearby blast from nuclear weapons, wildfires, and civil unrest.

Rectangular Fallout Shelters

These shelters are designed to fell more like home with straight edges, walls, and ceilings. Fallout shelters will protect from all nuclear fallout, wildfires, civil unrest, and more. All of our shelters can be 100% customized from floor plan layout to interior design.

Structural Hardening & Safe Rooms

Our team can outfit existing or new construction homes or other buildings with hardened security features to prevent or delay threats, protect occupants inside from active shooters, and create spaces that utilize CBRN air filters to protect occupants from disasters and terrorist attacks.

Recreational Bunkers

If you are looking for something to stand apart from the rest, look no further. We can build above ground and underground gun ranges, gun vaults, wine cellars, and any other space you may think of that can also function as an emergency fallout shelter when needed.

close-up photography of man doing shooting
close-up photography of man doing shooting